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Grand Casino Luzern to use Regula for mycasino compliance

Grand Casino Luzern has confirmed that it has chosen Regula, a document and biometric verification service, to assist in customer compliance with its online casino, mycasino.

Rather than having to manually submit pictures of their ID to be verified by members of staff, mycasino players will be able to upload documentation to the Regula Document Reader SDK.

This solution will automatically recognise the type of identity document used, scan the relevant data fields and determine if they are valid.

By automating the process, Grand Casino Luzern hopes to reduce inaccuracies in customer verification and reduce the manual workload for staff.

In the case of an identity document being flagged as suspicious, the Regula Document Reader SDK will alert mycasino, which will assign a trained expert to access the application on a case-by-case basis.

Wolfgang Bliem, CEO at Grand Casino Luzern,Online Casino Games for Real Money said: “We are very satisfied with the outcome. Implementing Regula’s solution has helped us to be more efficient while maintaining our high standards for quality and compliance.”

Only a few days ago, Light & Wonder signed a deal with Grand Casino Luzern, to supply the casino with content from its library.

Regula was initially recommended by mycasino’s partner company, BW2, and will be integrated into the software company’s private cloud platform.

Henry Patishman, Executive VP, Identity Verification Solutions at Regula, said: “Identity verification and compliance have become a new reality for many businesses and industries.

“This task can be very onerous for organizations unless you find a suitable solution and establish a clockwork-like process.

“We are honoured to help the renowned Grand Casino Luzern start a new chapter in their online gambling business by making identity verification smooth for clients and secure for the casino."